Design Canvas Overview

This Justuno article will go over setting up a promotion from scratch to help you familiarize yourself with the design canvas.


At a glance: 

Getting Started

Adding a Background Image

Adding a Background Color

Social Media options

Border Options

Coupon Options

Promotion Width Settings


Last update: 03/18/2022


Getting Started

To get a more detailed overview on getting started please view our support article on creating your first promotion: How to quickly set up your first promotion

1. Choose a promotion type.

1a. First you will be asked if you would like to have the promotion display on either Mobile or Desktop. We have separated the mobile and desktop promotions for more control with design. We also noticed that mobile users are becoming more and more prevalent therefore treating your mobile promotions differently has become important. Learn more about this here - Mobile vs Desktop promotions.

1b. Select your design type, this will indicate what part of the screen you would like for the promotion to appear on

1c. Next, select the type of promotion you would like to use.

Website message is a single-page promotion where you can display a message to your customers to inform them about any promotions, events, or business details that could impact them. More details can be found here: website messaging type

Lead Capture type is commonly used to gather information about a customer such as an email and phone number. More details about setting this up can be found here:  lead capture type.


2. After selecting either a prebuilt promotion or a custom one, you will be brought to the Design Canvas.



Adding a background image

Once the background of the overlay is highlighted, head to the image icon on the left of the design canvas and find an image you'd like to use. More details on adding an image can be found in this article: Adding an image Overlay


Adding a background image on the Design Canvas


Change the Background Color




Social Media Options

Next, you have the option to add in our social information. These settings are located after the social icons are highlighted in the settings wheel at the top of the design canvas. The same goes for the location of your email settings and the email after sign-up feature.




 If you don't like the social options that are presented automatically head to the "Add Layer" tab on the left, then choose which social integrations you would like to add.


Border Options

Let's add a border to the overlay. In this area, you'll find all border options.

Here you may adjust things such as the promotional border color, thickness of line, rounded edges, and more:




Coupon options

Lastly, let's add in our promotional code and post engagement copy. Head to the post-engagement tab on your overlay and highlight the coupon area. Then you'll find the settings button appear on the top of the design canvas.

Note: If you do not want to present a coupon after engagement but rather a link, please choose this option in the "pick your promotions section".


More details on the coupon types can be found here:

How to add and edit a coupon overlay

Unique or bulk coupon setup

Why isn't the coupon code working?




We have several other resources regarding our coupons so please feel free to check out our support page for additional information.


Width Settings

There will be times when using a promotion such as a banner where you would like the promotion to take the full width of the screen. In these scenarios, the width settings will be helpful to achieve this.

This will present the option to set either a fixed pixel width or a percentage of the screen that you would like to take up. The percentage function will work best as a responsive option, for a full-width screen you can set the width setting to 100%.  Setting a fixed pixel width will display it the same size regardless of the screen size.

Width settings can be found in the top right-hand corner of the promotion settings:

LWR recording



Why can I not see my promotions?

Please ensure you are testing your promotion by resetting your visitor session. Here is an article to better explain: How to test on Justuno
What do I do with the rules?
The rules will be in their own part of the control panel and there can be quite a few options to select from to segment the way that you would like. Please look over our knowledge base article about an overview of our advanced rules for more details: Advanced Rules Overview
Can I integrate my ESP?
Yes, within the design canvas an integration can be attached with our forms.
A full list of integration and steps can be found here: Jusutno Integrations

KNOWN ISSUE: When adding hex codes to change the font color on a layer, a # must be present in the hex or the font will appear black on the preview tool and on the live site.

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