Design Canvas Overview

Our design canvas has been set up like most editors however let's walk through how to set up a good looking promotion from scratch

1. Choose a promotion type. Learn about our website messaging type and lead capture type.


2. After you've chosen the promotion you wish in our promotion wizard, you can move on to the design canvas and edit your promotion from there 






3. Start by adding a background image. Once the background of the overlay is highlighted head to the image icon on the left of the design canvas and find an image you'd like to use.





4. Say you do not want a background image but just want to change the background color. Highlight the background layer again but this area.






5. Next, let's add in our social information. These settings are located after the social icons are highlighted in the settings wheel at the top of the design canvas. The same goes for the location of your email settings and the email after sign up feature.





6. If you don't like the social options that are presented automatically head to the "Add Layer" tab on the left, then choose which social integrations you would like to add.


7. Add the promotional copy you would like by highlighting the text boxes and text and heading to the hovering editor you can find all editing tools toward the left.


8. Let's add a border to the overlay. In this area you'll find all border options:




9. In that same drop down menu you can change the thickness of the border with this icon and round the edges with this icon





10. Lastly, let's add in our promotional code and post engagement copy. Head to the post engagement tab on your overlay and highlight the coupon area. Then you'll find the settings button appear on the top of the design canvas. Note: If you do not want to present a coupon after engagement but rather a link, please choose this option in the "pick your promotions section".