How to Set up your First Justuno Promotion

Either watch this video or follow these steps to set up your first Justuno Promotion:

What do these four options mean?

  1. Here you'll find the design canvas. If you're looking for a quick set up choose from our list of templates.
  2. Once a template is selected you can manipulate what social engagements you would like to have implemented and what your promotion will say
  3. The canvas is set up like most text editors, you'll find all editing tools here. For a more in depth look into the canvas click here.
  4. To change the settings to your Facebook or Twitter accounts after the social engagement buttons have been selected

  1. Make sure you hit save as you edit, just in case! Important note: Hitting save does not launch your promotion, the only way your promotion will go live is if you hit publish
  2. Whenever you are done editing the design head to step two: Promotional Rules
  3. For you free users choose from these four options
    1. Show Tab: this will display the tab across your entire site
    2. New Visitor: this will show the overlay on the first page for a visitor who has never engaged with the application yet.
    3. Third Page Load: this will display the overlay only on the third page a visitor views
    4. On specific URL: Want to show the overlay on a specific page of your site? This is your answer!
    5. For paid users: you have access to exit offer and advanced rules, depending on your plan.

  1. If you are a free user this is where your set up ends! Hit publish and you are good to go!
  2. Paid accounts continue on to step 3: App integration.
  3. Find your email marketing application and enter in your companies information to ensure that the emails you collect will be linked directly to your account. Then you can market further to potential customers!