How to Create an Website Message Pop-Up

For those seeking to display a message on one screen without capturing and customers information.

At a glance:



Last updated 8/27/2021


The website message promotion can be used when you are not needing to capture any of the customers information. This can be helpful with exit intent coupons, ongoing sales, special offers or any important message to inform your customers.

This guide will go over how to setup a website message promotion.


1. From the promotions page, select 'Options' and then 'Edit Design' on the respective promotion.

edit promotion

2. On the top right hand side select of the promotions page click the blue 'Create Promotion' button.

3. Select from our Template Library or create a new Custom Promotion

type of new promotion

4. Choose the device type. You can go in later and create a duplicate of your promotion for the alternate device so you do not have to reset from scratch: Duplicate a Justuno popup

Select device type

5. Select the display type. These can all be adjusted through the design canvas if you decide you want to change it later except for the banner.

Select display for promotion


6. Select 'Website Message' promotion:

Website message promotion

7. Select the appropriate base template for your design.

8. Select your audience. This can be modified later through the user rules.

select audience

9. Finish setting up your website message in the design canvas.
Remember to save and publish your design!

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