Understanding Push Notification Data

Once you have some notifications created you will see they are either categorized as “Future Notifications” or “Past Notifications.” “Future Notifications” are notifications that have been scheduled to go out but have not yet. “Past Notifications” are notifications that have already been pushed out.

STEP 1 - Navigate to the Notification Admin Pages

You can get there by clicking the "Notifications" icon at the top of your screen and then clicking the “Notifications” tab.

STEP 2 - Understanding Notification Data

The "Notifications" tab has two tables, "Future Notifications" and "Past Notifications".

The "Future Notifications" table tells you when the notification is set to be sent out ("Send Date"), and if the notification is set to be repeated and how often ("Repeat"). The “Subscribers” column shows the number of subscribers your notification will be sent to based on the filter options that you chose. It also shows you what the notification's title and body say as well as the icons/images you selected for this notification.

If you hover over the gear icon in the "Filters" column you can see what filters you set for this notification. Likewise if you hover over the list icon in the "Lists" column you can see which lists this notification is being sent to.

The "Past Notifications" table has many of the same columns as the "Future Notifications" table but it also shows you how many notifications were successfully sent, how many of your subscribers clicked on the notification, and how many bounced (this means a user unsubscribed from push notifications). If you see that a notification bounced you will also notice your total subscriber count went down.

One thing to note is that you may have a zero in the clicked column right after your notification is sent because the users may not have seen it yet. Check back after a period of time, even up to the expiration date of the notification, for a better idea of the total click count.

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