Managing Your Push Notification Subscribers

STEP 1 - Navigate to the Notification Admin Page

Head over to the "Notification Admin" page to see your subscribers. You can get there through the "Notifications" tab at the top of your screen.

The first page you'll land on in the notifications admin is the "Lists" page. Here you'll see some details on all of the lists that you previously created through your promotion with the "Notification CTA".

STEP 2 - Understanding List Info

Each column is associated with a different variable. "List Name" is the name you've assigned to your list. "Subscribers" is the number of customers subscribed to a particular list. "Last Sent" is the last date and time a notification was sent out to a list. "Total Sent" is the total number of notifications sent to a particular list.

If you hover over the "Associated Promos" column on any given row, a blurb will pop up that tells you which promotions are associated with that list.

STEP 3 - Editing Lists

There are three options for editing your lists.


If you would list to change the name of your list you can rename it. You'll notice that if you rename a list from the notification admin page, it will be renamed in your promotion as well.


You can also delete your lists. The most important thing to know here is that you will not lose your subscribers if you delete a list. Some of your subscribers will have subscribed to multiple lists in which case they will show up under the other lists they were subscribed to. However, if you delete a list and you have a subscriber who only subscribed to that list, they will be put into a list new list called "unassigned". You can still send notifications to your "unassigned" subscribers. You do not have the option to delete or rename the "unassigned" list, but you can merge it.


Merging a list is similar to deleting a list, but you choose a specific list that you want to roll your subscribers into. This will probably be the preferred option in most cases.

In the screen shot below I have already selected "Merge" from the dropdown menu that appears when you click the "Edit" button on the right side of each row in the lists table.

You can see that the "List to Delete" is the "New Sales" list and that I have selected the "Existing Accounts" list from the dropdown menu because I want to merge with it instead of letting some of my subscribers fall into an "Unassigned" list.

All I have to do now is click the blue "Merge" button to roll my "New Sales" subscribers into the "Existing Accounts" list.

If I had wanted to actually delete my "New Sales" list. I would just click the red "Merge and Delete" button.

That is all for managing subscribers. If you want to know how to get subscribers read this article: Getting Started with Push Notifications. If you want to know how to start sending notifications read: Sending Push Notifications.