Creating a Push Notification Promotion

To use push notifications, you'll first want to collect some subscribers. You can do that through our promotions, similar to how you would collect emails.

STEP 1 - Add a Subscribe Button to Your Promotion

Head over to your promotions page and either create a new promotion or choose an existing one that you would like to add a subscription button to. Click the add layer dropdown button on the left side of the screen and choose the "Push Notification CTA" layer outlined in red. This will add a "Subscribe Now" button to your promo like the one circled in red below.

Once you've added the "Push Notifications CTA" you can style it any way you like. When your customers click the "Subscribe Now" button the browser they are using will ask their permission to send push notifications.

Here is what it looks like on Chrome:

Here is what it looks like on Firefox:

Here is what it looks like on Safari:

STEP 2 - Fill Out "Push Notification CTA" Form Fields

Once you've added the "Push Notification CTA", there are two fields to fill out on the right hand side. You can access these fields when the "Push Notification CTA" layer is selected. They are outlined in red below.

The first field, your "Icon Graphic", is required for notifications to be displayed on safari. Try and use only generic icons that represent your brand because in some browsers, the icon cannot be changed once a user subscribes. If you want to use seasonal or sale specific icons you can do that on a notification by notification basis from the Notifications Admin page.

The "Promotion Lists" field is optional. The lists are a way of organizing your subscribers. For example you may want to funnel all customers who subscribe through this promo into a "Sales" list, so that you know to send notifications about upcoming sales to this group later.

STEP 3 - Finish Design and Publish

Now you just finish up your promo design, save it, publish it and make it live. Pretty soon you'll start getting subscribers. To find out how to manage your subscribers or send notifications please check out these articles: Managing Your Push Notification Subscribers and Sending Push Notifications