Shopify FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Covers the three most asked questions in regards to Shopify; this will ensure you are up to date on the testing and setup.

At a Glance

1. Why can I not see my Promotion on the Checkout Page?

2. How do I set up Multiple Sites on a Single Account or Sub Accounts?

3. How do I test my Promotion?

Why can I not see my Promotion on the Checkout Page?

Since Shopify hosts its checkout page in a separate session non-Shopify Plus customers don't have direct access to the checkout.liquid file. We at Justuno figured out a clever workaround on how to install Justuno in the checkout pages making it possible to now have Justuno checkout offers! Follow the steps below to insert Justuno in your checkout pages:


1. Head to the embed code section in your Justuno account and copy the embed code





2. From your Shopify admin, click Online Store, and then click Preferences




3. Scroll down to the Google Analytics section and paste code in the box



4. Insert the Justuno embed code ABOVE any custom google analytics code already in the custom javascript area and REMOVE the <script> tags at the beginning and end of the Justuno code.

Here is an example of how the Justuno embed code will look like when you remove the script tags


There should be nothing before the "window.ju_num=...."

PLEASE NOTE: this is NOT your accounts embed code do not copy and paste this into your Shopify account:

5. Hit save and Justuno is now on the checkout page!




How do I set up Multiple Sites on a Single Account or Sub Accounts?


Multiple sites - It is possible to use one account with various sites. Simply install the Justuno app and login via the primary Justuno account for each Shopify store. This will ensure the Shopify store is connected to the desired Justuno account. The rules for each promotion will specify what site sees what.

Sub accounts - Each sub-account has its own email and password. Simply log in to the desired Shopify store and install the Justuno app. When prompted to log in, use the sub-account email and password. Repeat with each sub-account and its desired Shopify account. This will ensure each account is tied to the proper sub-account and not the primary.


How do I test my Promotion?

Is Justuno not appearing on your website? Or not appearing correctly? Follow these steps to clear your user session and test the promotion! If you are testing on mobile, please follow these steps as well! Because of our new user session platform, testing in incognito windows will no longer give you a new session.


1. If you are not already logged into your Justuno account, please log in




2. Head to your website, find the JU icon on the right side of your website. If you do not see if please refresh the site and make sure you are logged into your Justuno account! Don't worry, users will NOT see this icon on your site, only someone who is logged into your Justuno account can see it!



3. Click on the JU icon and click RESET YOUR PROFILE




4. Refresh your site and take the steps you’ve set in the rules for the pop up to show! For example, if you have a rule set to show after ten seconds on the first page wait ten seconds and it will appear!