What are the Intro, Pre-Engagement, Post-Engagement, and Follow-Up screens?

In this Justuno support article, we will cover the different promotion screens.

At a glance:

Intro Screen



Follow Up Screen

Last update: 6/26/2022


When creating your promotions, they will have the pre and post-engagement screens to start by default. The intro screen and the follow-up screen are optional but can be added to extend the flow of the promotion for a better user experience.

  • A website message will only contain the post engagement screen since it is originally only one page when created.
  • A lead capture promotion will contain the pre-engagement screen and post-engagement screen by default.
  • In either promotion type, you can add and remove an intro and follow-up screen.

Intro Screen

Research has shown that adding a micro-commitment to your overlay can increase sign-ups. You can use the intro screen feature to install this setup.

Add intro screen GIF


Hit add intro tab. When the tab is added, the Yes + No buttons are automatically added. From there the look of each button can be designed along with the copy within the button.

editing Intro Screen content


The pre-engagement screen is used for “locked” offers and is required for pop-ups that are asking for an email or social share before proceeding to the next page which will traditionally contain a reward for signing up or a 'thank you' page after sign up.


The post-engagement screen can be used for multiple scenarios. Here are the most common ones:

  • Lead Capture Promotions: This screen is displayed after a visitor enters their email, follows a social action, or clicks a CTA and is used to either display a thank you message or a coupon code.
  • Website Messaging: This can be used for exit offers or any basic messaging needed on your site, and only includes the post-engagement screen.
  • This can also be used as a second page of collection for things like SMS. See the follow-up screen for more details.

Follow Up screen

With the growing trend of SMS collection, users will like to have the post engagement screen as another page for collecting customer data. The Follow-Up screen can be added to display the coupon or "thank you" page if a sign-up took its place in the Post-engagement screen.

Interested in adding an SMS collection to your promotions? Here are some great resources to illustrate the way users are using this technology to target their audience and how this can help your business:

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Steps to add this can be found here: lead capture promotion


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