What are the Intro, Pre Engagement and Post Engagements Tabs?

Each tab is created within a type of promotion, you do not delete or add in tabs (besides the intro tab) within the design canvas. To add in a pre or post tab you must create a unlocked or locked promotion!

Intro Tab:

Research has shown that adding a micro commitment to your overlay can increase sign ups, it tends to make users feel more secure about signing up! You can use the Intro Tab feature to install this set up.

Hit add intro tab. When the tab is added, the Yes + No buttons are automatically added. You can edit the color and look but do not delete the buttons!

Pre Engagement:

The Pre engagement screen is used for “locked” offers and is required for pop ups that are asking for an email or social share

Post Engagement:

1: Locked Offers: This tab is displayed after a visitor enters their email or follows a social action and is used to either display a thank you message OR display a coupon code.

2: Unlocked Offers: If you do not use an intro tab, this is the first thing a user is shown and can be used to display a coupon code. If you are looking to collect an email or social share and want to add a pre engagement tab use this article to duplicate the promotion to a locked style.