Create a Two Step Form

Get more from your engaged visitors with two step forms.

At a Glance

1. Start with a lead capture promotion

2. Add your form to the pre-engagement screen

3. Move secondary form fields to the post-engagement screen

4. Duplicate form submit button to the post-engagement screen

5. Add follow-up screen


With the increased adoption of SMS opt-ins, reports have shown that 70% of people willing to give you their email address, are also willing to give you their cell phone number in a follow-up screen.   Use can use this method and Justuno's multi-screen promotion capabilities to easily ask for some information on the first step in a form and then ask for some additional information on the next step.  It's the best of both worlds since you capture any data entered on the first step in case the visitor is reluctant to continue filling out the form after that.

 Video walkthrough

The above walkthrough uses Klaviyo as an example.


Here we go

  1. Start by creating a lead capture promotion in Justuno.  You can either start with a blank promotion or with one of Justuno's many professionally designed templates.  Make sure to proceed to our Design Canvas for the next steps.
  2. If you started with a template that already has a form on it, chances are the form needs to be hooked up to your integration.  If this is the case, edit the form by selecting any of the form layers in the design and then clicking the Change Form button on the right side.  If you started with a blank promotion or have already deleted the existing form, you will need to add a new form by clicking the Email Form button under the Add Layer section on the left side. Documentation to connect your dedicated Email Subscription Provider can be found here.
  3. Once you have your form created, it will all be on the pre-engagement screen by default.  Next we need to select the fields, one by one, that we want to move to the next screen and click the small arrow icon to the side of the field layer and choose to move it to the post-engagement screen.  

  4. Next select the form submit button layer and again click the small arrow button next to it and choose to duplicate the layer.  After you have duplicated the submit button, you now need to also move that layer to the post-engagement screen.  Now go to the post-engagement screen by clicking it's tab at the top of the design canvas and move the layers around until you are satisfied with that screen's design.

  5. Finally, you'll want to click the Add Follow-Up Screen tab at the top of the design canvas to add a final screen where you can thank the visitor for navigating all the way through the promotion.  You can also place your coupon layer here if you are incentivizing the visitor.



Test your new two-step form to make sure all the submitted data is properly passed to your integration. 

Looking for more advanced Justuno use cases? Check out our Academy section, where you'll find step by step instructions for how to implement high-converting strategies and best practices for onsite promotions. Justuno Academy