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What is our Enhanced Profile Session Tracking Platform?

What is Enhanced Visitor Tracking?

Simply put, this will improve the reach of our targeting rules. It’s a proprietary tool we’ve developed that will track a visitor across domains, browsers and devices. 

From the time you embed the Justuno code on your site, we are creating profiles for each visitor that can be used at any point in the future via your targeting rules, constantly helping to present more relevant promotions to your different segments of traffic.

How will this affect the traffic on my site?

Enhanced tracking will actually have a positive effect on your site’s traffic, albeit subtle. For those that happen to be visiting your site multiple times in short intervals, this will help improve the UX and prevent pop ups from showing up to people that may have already seen or engaged with them.

Will this change how I test my promotions?

In short - yes and no. While testing in incognito mode will usually be enough to create a new visitor session, to be sure you can now reset your own user profile, making it easy to act as a new visitor on your own site.

Are you currently logged into Justuno? If so, open a new tab and go to your home page. See this orange JU in the upper right corner?

IMPORTANT NOTE: you can only see the orange tab and modal screen if you are logged into your Justuno account, so no one else will be able to see it.

justuno profile view

Click on it. What you’ll see next is a modal screen that contains your personal session data on your own site. You can reset this by clicking the big button that says “Reset Your Profile”. Doing this will clear the data that we have on your session, turning you into a “new visitor” to your site, and allowing you test promotions within that segment.

Keep in mind, however, that this also means you may not see promotions when you expect to. An example of this is when you are testing you mobile promotion, then go to test its desktop counterpart. You would not see the latter unless you reset your user profile.

As always, please comment below with any questions or feedback, and we’ll be sure to address!