Shopify Install

This article will cover how to install the Justuno app on your Shopify store


Last updated 05/17/2022

Reminder: Installing the Jusutno app through Shopify will automatically install the Justuno embed, cart, and conversion script. You will not need to add any additional scripts once this app is installed. (App install does not include the checkout page. More info here.)



1. Log into your Shopify account - Shopify Login

2. Access the app section of the control panel in ShopifyShopify Dashboard

3. Open the app marketplaceShopify Dashboard: Visit Shopify App Store

4. Search for JustunoShopify App Store

5. Select the Justuno App within the marketplaceimage (2)-1

6. Click on "Add App"

7. Confirm that you would like to install the app


8. Login with your Justuno account credentials and you are all set!



Looking to also install Justuno on the checkout page? Check out this article!


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