Setting up a new Justuno account as an Agency

In this article, we will run through the steps to properly connect your client's account to Justuno through the app.

At a glance:

Last update 05/17/2022


Setting up an account for a client holds several common mistakes. We will highlight the proper steps to ensure the client's site is set up and connected to the respective Justuno account.


  1. The first step will be creating a subaccount for the client's site or having them create one through your partner link.

    If the client creates an account themselves, be sure to have them use the link so that you are credited

    If their account already exists, you can link the account to yours. If the account is created by them, be sure to link their account to yours. Please see How to Create and Manage Sub Accounts for more information.

  2. Install the app on the client's site. Please see our Platform Integrations section of the Knowledge Base to find the appropriate guide for your platform. Manual installation instructions can be found here: Install Justuno | General Embed Instructions

When you get to the step where Justuno prompts you to log in after app installation, you must use the email connected to the client's domain/account. Do not use the master email. This will lead to problems later on.