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Install Justuno | General Embed Instructions

A guide for those seeking more general embed instructions when there is not a prebuilt integration or app



This guide is to help you install the Justuno embed code to allow us to run on a site. This is helpful whenever there are subdomains, headless commerce sites, multiple sites running under one Justuno account, or if we do not have a built in integration or app available. Adding this embed code does not automatically add the conversion or cart code for most platforms, a guide to adding this can be found here: conversion code installation.

If you installed the Justuno app through Shopify, SEOshop/Lightspeed, Magento, or Wordpress, you will NOT have to manually embed the code in your website footer. It has automatically been added to your site. 

Trouble Shooting Tips: If the detection system is not registering that the code has been placed on your site within our dashboard, simply refresh the dashboard and the notification will disappear!

Installing the embed code

There are two ways to load our script on the site, asynchronously or synchronously. Both methods will be shown below:

Loading Justuno Asynchronously (most common method) 

1. If you have not set up a promotion, but want to embed the code first head to the settings section on the left.

2. There you will find a tab labeled "Embed code".

3. Copy and paste the embed code onto the footer of the homepage of your website; to find where this is located please contact your platform provider.

Screencast 2019-10-07 15-43-04 


Loading Justuno synchronously

1. If our asynchronous route is not desired, you can use the following code snippet to help change the outcome. This would go into the head tags of the site. This is simply to help us load first (not faster). Typically used for promotions designed through our age verification plugin.

window.ju_num="account number - located within embed page on the embed code";
<script type="text/javascript" src="//cdn.jst.ai/vck.js" data-cfasync="false"></script>


Looking for more advanced Justuno use cases? Check out our Academy section, where you'll find step by step instructions for how to implement high-converting strategies and best practices for onsite promotions. Justuno Academy