Personalizing Justuno: Using UTM Parameters

Learn how to use UTM targeting parameters to better track your site visitors and attribute traffic accordingly.

At a glance:
UTM Parameter Variants

Last update: 7/6/2022


Leveraging Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) Parameters

UTM targeting helps show popups to a specific audience that are tied to an ad of some sort (e.g. Facebook, email, paid ads). Essentially it is a set of URL search parameters, or query strings, that has become standardized in the marketing sector, and is appended to a visitor's current URL after clicking within the context of the aforementioned scenarios. These segments of URL string can be leveraged by Justuno in promotions inside the visual design, as well as within the targeting rules; for more information regarding utilizing UTM parameters in promotion targeting rules, click here: Targeting Users coming from Email or Paid Ads

Want a more comprehensive review of UTMs, FBCLIDs, & TTCLIDS? Check out our blog here to learn what they are, how they impact your campaigns, & how to use them to build a better audience both in Justuno & beyond.

UTM Parameter Variants

Below are different options that can be used on a promotion to show or capture information tied to the UTM. The capturing of the data would be tied to your email system of choice or the targeting creation route you established the ad on. This helps provide a more personalized experience without having to create more than one promotion!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Syntax for is lowercase. They will not pull your coupon code or campaign names properly if they are not typed in lowercase. All the UTM parameters except the utm_coupon will populate the UTM parameter data that the user landed on your site with first in the current session, so if you are utilizing UTM links internally on your website, the tags below will still be replaced with the original landing page value. utm_coupon will always be the last one found in the URL.



  • This is what you label your campaign. I.e., “2017 Holiday Facebook Ads”, primarily used for tracking through other 3rd party platforms or for your own use. Using in promotions automatically pulls in UTM parameters into your Justuno promotions. This promotion below draws in products to provide $10 off what customers are interested in when they click through a paid ad.



  • Source refers to where the visitors come from, I.e. Facebook, Email


  • Whom are you aiming for? This is how you define your target market. i.e. Cooking+Utensils


  • What is included in your ad copy/images? Are you outlining your product, “The best women’s necklaces around” including a link on ‘necklaces’? Then this is how you track those CTAs. (utm_content=logolink)


  • From where? Medium is exactly what it sounds like - what medium are the users seeing and interacting with your ad on?


  • Coupon is a way to pass a coupon code from an email link or affiliate link into a promotion.

If you desire to have something dynamic, you can use the option below. This will work with any parameter.