Installing Justuno on Bigcommerce Stencil Themes

As of May, 30th 2018, all Bigcommerce Stencil Theme users that have Optimized one-page checkout enabled may now fully install Justuno via our Bigcommerce marketplace application. The Justuno app has been updated to automatically embed the cart code, the conversion tracking script, and the primary embed script in a single streamlined process.

This video will demonstrate the quick and easy process of installing Justuno onto your Bigcommerce Stencil Theme shop with Optimized Checkouts.


If your site is not using Optimized one-page checkout, the process below will help.

Installation on one page checkout (non optimized)

If you ARE NOT running the newer (recommended) Optimized Checkout on your Bigcommerce store, but do have a stencil theme, you will need to take some additional steps to get Justuno embedded on your checkouts after the app has been installed.

Step 1)

In your Justuno account find the embed code and copy it

Step 2)

Log into your Bigcommerce account and head to Advanced Settings.

Step 3)

Click on the Web Analytics tab and then the Google Analytics tab paste in the Justuno embed code ABOVE all other GA scripts.

Step 4)

Hit save and you are all set!

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