How to Install the Justuno on your Volusion system

Follow these steps or watch the video on how to install Justuno into your Volusion platform

At a glance:

Getting started


Last updated 9/2/2021

Getting Started

To install Justuno on a Volusion site we will need to place the Justuno embed code into the Volusion theme files. This guide will go over how to set this up

Important : It can take a while for Justuno to recognize that the embed code was installed so please allow a couple of hours for the notification within your Justuno dashboard to disappear


  1. Copy your embed code within your settings section here
  2. Head back to your Volusion dashboard and under design find the templates section.
    edit html
  3. When you in your templates section under advanced editing, hit edit HTML.
  4. Scroll all the way down to find the footer section and paste the Justuno code on the bottom of your footer:
    paste html
  5. Copy & paste the following code right below the code you pasted in the previous step to enable visitor cart tracking and conversion tracking.

     Add Additional Cart & Conversion Tracking Code:
    <script src="//" async></script>


  6. Remember to hit save and your Justuno application has been installed.


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