How to Create In Page Promotions

This option allows you to place your promotion within a page on your site; it accomplishes this by targeting the element selectors.

Note: Head here for help on how to find the correct element selector.




1. First, inspect the desired element for replacing with the promotion. How to Inspect on safari, firefox, and IE.





2. Once the class name or id has been retrieved, create or edit a rule, and you will see the option of 'Show In Page' when creating a new promotional rule or editing an existing one.

select show in pagechoose rules

3. It is in this 'In-Page Element Selector' box where you will want to enter in the proper element selector information.



4. Depending on which element you choose, the promotion will show in that specific section of the website!




5. The rest works like a normal rule. You will want to pinpoint how you desire the popup to fire. To locate the element selector, please use the browser's inspect tool.


find element


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