How to pass a Unique Coupon Code in a Hidden Field

Many customers would like to send their unique coupon codes to their email marketing applications in a hidden field in order to send follow up emails and work flows to customers with that exact code. Follow the steps below to set that up in Justuno

Step 1: Create a locked promotion, for steps on how to set this up follow this article

Step 2: Make sure you have a coupon code field on the post engagement screen, if its not in the layers section make sure to add it in and upload unique codes (follow this article on how to add those in)


Step 3: On the pre engagement screen set up your email marketing application and create a form with the information you would like to collect such as email and name, you will need one field empty that is not associated with any field attribute and labeled Coupon Code.


Step 4: Click hidden for the empty field and choose the coupon code option for auto populate


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