GDPR: Using the Consent Checkbox Layer

A helpful GDPR guide for our clients with European customers

At a glance:

Last updated on 8/27/2021

Disclaimer: The contents of this web page do not constitute legal advice. This page is for informational purposes only, and we strongly encourage you to seek independent legal counsel to understand how your organization needs to comply with the GDPR.


If you are using our services on web pages visited by people in the EU, then you may want to make changes to how you’ve implemented our embed code in order to be GDPR compliant.

Read more about GDPR here

We offer two solutions through our platform to add the GDPR consent for any sites that might require it. Please follow the steps below for instructions.

Adding GDPR consent

Method 1 - Template

Justuno offers GDPR banners in our template library to help quickly add a banner when the user arrives on the site.

  1. To get started you will first need to create a banner. Instructions for this can be found here: How to setup a banner | Justuno
  2. Banner can be placed on top or bottom of page
  3. Select 'Website Message'
  4. Select the very first first theme option:
    GDPR banner template

Method 2 - custom checkbox

If a promotion already exists and you would like to add a consent layer before capturing the customers information. The checkbox layer will blocks data from being passed without it being checked meaning that the user has consented. To set this up, you may follow these steps.

  1. In the design canvas, navigate to the left hand side and select the 'Add Layer' submenu. Then click on the 'Consent Checkbox':
    Consent checkbox in menu
  2. Once this has been added, on the right hand side you will have access to the settings. Here, click 'Make field required' and 'Show for EU Only'.
    GDPR consent checkbox settings
  3. After the changes are made, make sure to save and publish the promotion.

What data passes through and where

Although an email service provider may not be able to track a user's decision to opt-in or out with this particular checkbox layer through our standard integration, the information that passes from the promotion to Justuno upon submission does include the checkbox value.

This will also pass the user's origin country and the IP address the promotion was accessed from. This information can be downloaded now from the promotion "by following this guide: Download Justuno emails


The GDPR compliance deadline is May 25, 2018. Parties who violate regulations and who do not gain explicit consent are subject to substantial penalties. See Article 83: General conditions for imposing administrative fines.


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