How to Setup the Banner

How to display promotional banners



With this feature, you can present information to your users, such as free shipping or within the bar ask for an email or social engagements. With targeting rules, you can display the banner on specific pages or hide from specific customers.  


1. Click New Promotion within your promotions page.


2. Enter a promotion name, then click Get Started


3. Select which device you want the promotion to be seen on, either desktop & tablet or mobile


4. Select banner 


5. Select banner location and promotion goal




6. Chose either a pre-built theme or a blank theme 


7. Select an audience. You can go back and edit this later or select to build an advanced audience later


8. Review promotion, save then go to the design canvas



10. Edit the design of the banner, please note that to display the banner along with another promotion on the same page this checkbox must be clicked.


11. Add rules to display the banner on specific pages.  To display the banner across your entire site, leave the rules as they are; the preset rules will display the banner until someone closes the banner. 

12. Integrate your email marketing application if you used a locked promotion then click publish. 


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