How to Create an Website Message Pop-Up

For those seeking to display a message on one screen; this can be done with a message promotion

                                                   At a Glance

1. Head to the promotions section.

2. Click New Promotions.

3. Desktop or mobile?

4. Display Type?

5. Website Messaging.

6. Choose Template.

7. Choose an Audience.

8. Go to Design Canvas.




1. From your dashboard head to your promotions section.




2. On the top left-hand side of the screen click on New Promotion enter a promotion name then Get Started.




3. Choose desktop or mobile; you will be able to duplicate this process later for whichever option you choose.




4. Choose a display type; this indicates how the promotion is displayed on the screen.




5. Click goal for the promotion: Website Messaging.




6. Choose a template. You can always fully customize your template in the design canvas later on! Please note: there are multiple options for website messaging and a coupon code is NOT required.




7. Choose one of the four basic audience options for simple demonstration purposes. If you already have a specific basic audience in mind, you can create it now. For advanced segmentation, please skip this step and set up an advanced audience later.




8. In the final step, you can edit basic text, coupons, and images. For full customization, choose the Design Canvas option!



9. Finish setting up your website message in the design canvas.

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