GDPR: Using the Consent Checkbox Layer

A helpful GDPR guide for our clients with European customers

Disclaimer: The contents of this web page do not constitute legal advice. This page is for informational purposes only, and we strongly encourage you to seek independent legal counsel to understand how your organization needs to comply with the GDPR.

If you are using our services on web pages visited by people in the EU, then you may want to make changes to how you’ve implemented our embed code in order to be GDPR compliant.

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In this article we will discuss 3 things:

  • How to add the checkbox consent layer within the design canvas
  • What does this checkbox do?
  • What data passes through and where


How to add the checkbox consent layer within the design canvas

click add layerselect consent checkboxedit promotion


What does the checkbox do?

This checkbox layer's intended usage is primarily that of a gate which blocks data from being passed, that is until a user has taken explicit action to open the data channel. It cannot be used in any email form integrations. If your goal is to track a user's decision to opt-in or out by incorporating a checkbox within an email form, you will need to make a custom form and manually add in a checkbox. For more information about custom forms head to the following article: Embed a Form from ESP - Collect more than just emails.



What data passes through and where

Although an email service provider may not be able to track a user's decision to opt-in or out with this particular checkbox layer via a standard integration, the information that passes from the promotion to Justuno upon a user's decision to submit does include the checkbox value, as well as the user's origin country and the IP address the promotion was accessed from. This information can be downloaded now from the promotion "Download Options" under "Email".

Note: For more information about how to edit or delete records, head to this article: Using The Subscriber View (Edit, Delete Records).




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The GDPR compliance deadline is May 25, 2018. Parties who violate regulations and who do not gain explicit consent are subject to substantial penalties. See Article 83: General conditions for imposing administrative fines.