Creating a Hyperlink within Justuno

If you are a blogger or media site, you can use our hyperlink feature to offer a free post of video instead of a discount! Sites who are trying to drive traffic to a specific page to buy can also use this feature in either a website messaging or lead capture promotion.

Option 1: Use our simple hyperlink feature to present a link

Step 1: Choose which promotion you would like to alter and head to the actions tab. Then choose "Edit Design"

Step 2: When your in the design canvas, depending on if your using a lead capture or website messaging style promotion, head to the "Post Engagement" Tab and remove the [coupon_code] box.

go to Post-Engagement Screen

Step 3: Within the "short message here" layer or a separate text layer you added, highlight the text you would like to be used as a hyperlink. Head to the floating text editor and find the link button. Paste in the link you would like to be entered and hit ok.

highlight text

Option 2: Present your whole overlay as a hyperlink

Step 1: Head to your design section by following Step 1 from Option 1.

Step 2: Head to the Overlay JS section of the Custom Code area within your design canvas

custom code
    $(document).on('click','.design-layer[data-layertype!="close"]',function(){ = "YOURURLHERE";

Step 3: Enter in the code as shown above, make sure to turn the "Override Default JS" located by the red arrow above:

Step 4: Preview the overlay using the eyeball in the right hand corner of your design canvas and you're all set!

Option 3: Use the tab as a hyperlink

Step 1: Head to the left hand side and under Tab Settings

Step 2: Find the "Link URL" option. Enter in the URL you would like the tab to send users and hit save and publish!