The Tab Feature

A guide to how to setup the tab feature within the design canvas

At a glance:

Last updated 11/23/2021


The Justuno tab is a feature that sits on a selected edge of the website and can call the pop-up with a click.

Some use cases could be for a customer who has engaged with the promotion but forgot to copy the coupon code and can use the tab to retrieve the promotional code. Or a website that does not want any pop-ups to appear but still be able to have a customer enter an email through Justuno. You can also trigger tabs with advanced rules.


Setting up the tab rules

Note: There can only be one tab on a single page

By default, the tab will not automatically appear so it will need its own set of rules to make sure this appears successfully on the site. Here are the steps to set up a tab rule:

  1. Create a new rule within your promotion
  2. In the top right-hand corner select 'Show Tab'. This will set this rule to be specific to the tab and not affect the pop-up itself.
    1. Basic Rule setup:

    2. Advanced Rule setup:

      advanced rules tab
  3. Set the rules accordingly for when you would like for it to appear and save and publish!

Setting up the tab design

We have created a separate article for this to help better illustrate this. Here is where you can find details on how to set up the design of your tab: Steps in designing your own tab | Justuno


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