Collect More Information With Retention Rocket (SMS Custom Form Integration)

How to link a Justuno promotion to SMS integration with Retention Rocket



At a Glance

1. Prerequisites

2. Instructions 


To enable this integration, you'll first need to create a Form Builder campaign in your Retention Rocket admin, then save the resulting shop_id and campaign_id from the bottom of the form campaign page after saving.



1. From the promotion management, click the paintbrush icon next to the desired promotion.




2. If an email layer already exists, move to the next step. Within the design canvas view, find the "Email Form" in the layers area and click to add that layer to the promotion overlay. While either the "Email Form" field or the 'submit button' field is selected, hit "Change Form" on the right-hand side of the editor.



2. . This will bring up a modal displaying various tiled options for each integration type, all of which are organized within tabular rows. Click the Custom Form tile to load the Custom Embed HTML editor view. It is in this next view you will be pasting in your Retention Rocket form code that was pulled from the Retention Rocket Form Builder Campaign.








  • Note: the form action that will determine what URL the HTML data will get sent and via what method (Can be set to GET or POST).



  • Upon finishing the selection of desired lists, a form will be generated from the associated RR fields, and can now be edited within Justuno's form editor. You can use the "Add New Fields" feature to populate the RR form with one of the available fields within the drop-down context menu. The "Load additional Fields" helps add common fields by type.

  • Retention Rocket requires the following fields: shop_id (hidden), campaign_id (hidden), and phone_number (visible). sms_optin (visible) does not have to be a required field but is necessary to enable the SMS integration.
  • Hit "create form" and edit the design to your liking.




  • It is important to Note that our HTML form editor will strip out superfluous form code that isn't mappable (such as disclaimers or and javascript/css code). To add some of this back in you may add or edit a text layer and access the source code from the WYSIWYG quick tool editor that appears when text layers have been selected.





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