A/B Testing in Justuno

The instructions below describe the process for setting up an A/B test

1. Click on A/B testing from your dashboard.




2. Hit New A/B test.

3. Name the promotion and select desktop or mobile.




4. Select the dates you would like the AB test to run. We recommend running a test for at least 30 days.

5. Select the A promotion to compare to the B promotions. You can select as many B promotions however only one A promotion. Please note, that our AB testing software does not currently test rules, the A promotions rules will override the B promotions rules.

Good to know: Justuno now has the ability to test against a control group, which essentially means no promotion will be displayed, but the rules for the promotion trigger were matched and tracked the same as though a promotion from the testing group had shown.

Head here to check how the A/B reporting works.


6. Hit save and you will be all set to test!


Troubleshooting Tips: If the promotions you would like to choose are grayed out that is because they have been used in another A/B test. Please archive the previous A/B tests with those promotions and you will then be able to re-use them!


7. Once the A/B test has completed, click on "Report" from the A/B Testing tab.



8. observe the results from the A/B testing tab






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