A/B Testing Reports

Under each A/B Test there is a reports area after clicking in the expand arrow to the right. We do recommend to keep your test running for at least a week before looking at the stats as it can take some time for the numbers to even out.

Breakdown of the Reports Information:

Days Running: The number of days the report has been or was running for

Impressions: People who have viewed the overlay, not clicked on or entered in an email. Only people who have seen it

Engagements: Users who have actually interacted with the overlay by entering in their email. If you are testing unlocked offers, where the code is presented without the need for an email to be entered, an engagement counts as someone clicking on the coupon area.

Engaged Conversions: If your conversion code is installed and correctly implemented, these numbers will reflect the customers who have engaged with Justuno and checked out!

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