Zaius Automatic Integration

If you have the Zaius embed code on your website, we automatically push emails to your zaius account! 

You only need to make sure that the Zaius javascript embed code is installed and functioning on your website that justuno is embeded on, everything else is automatic.

Emails collected through justuno will be pushed into your Zaius's account.

If you would like to send emails collected in Justuno to specific Zaius lists please follow the directions below: 

Step 1: In the design canvas, find the custom code section

Step 2: In the Tab JS section, paste in the code below after you replace the list id name with the list you want to send emails t

window.ju_callback = function(t,email,coupon){
if (email!=''){
list_id: 'YOURLISTNAME',
customer_source:'Store Signup'

Step 3: Make sure you turn on the custom code override toggle