Why are some of my emails not syncing?

Troubleshooting common issues when integrated to an ESP

There are a few reasons that email collection counts may differ within Justuno and your email list within your Email Service Provider (ESP).

Here are some of the most common reasons there can be discrepancies:

  1. The email already exists within your email database and the platform does not accept duplicates. To allow or prevent duplicate emails to be accepted within a Justuno promotion, click here.
  2. The email entered was an invalid address and your EMS rejects false email addresses.
  3. You currently are using a double opt-in process with your EMS and the new contact did not complete the opt-in process after submitting their email address through Justuno.

If you believe that the discrepancy has to do with the integration itself, please submit a support ticket here so we can identify the problem.

TIP: Downloading your email list from Justuno and then comparing it to the list within your email marketing app can help you to see if any of the above reasons are the case! Here is an article on how to download a list.