Targeting Logged in Customers

Using a little CSS knowledge you can target users who are logged in or not logged into your site. This can be beneficial to clients who are looking to limit the discount usage for regular customer who usually are logged in. This may not work on your site if there is no path for the logout this is easily tracked, for example if your logout link is within a dropdown menu it is much harder to track and will not work with this method. Please check your sites functionality before proceeding.

Step 1: Log into your website and on the logout area, right click and hit inspect element.

inspect logout area

Step 2: Within the element selector find the path that links to the logout area and right click (note the path should already be highlighted if you right clicked on the logout link). Then hit copy selector. This should pull in the correct ID or Class needed to target within the matching element. If it does not, please confirm with a developer what class or id needs to be used here!

copy selector

Step 3: Head to the promotion you are looking to edit and hit edit rules

edit rules

Step 4: Add an advanced rule with matching element and paste in the selector and you're done! If you want to target users who are logged in apply the condition exists, if you want to target users who are not logged in use the condition does not exist:

configure rules