Tap to Text SMS Text Message Layer

A CTA layer where you can set the SMS number; when clicked it will open the SMS ready to go.

At a glance:



Last updated 2/8/2021


Justuno just introduced another intuitive way to for your customers to connect with your organization:  Tap-to-text SMS opt-in layers for mobile promotions ONLY.  Thinking about the amount of time the average person spends on their phone, it’s no surprise SMS marketing is the most robust way to communicate with Prospects, Customers, and VIPs.

Click here to download a guide to utilize this feature further!


1. Navigate to the design canvas on your mobile promotion and add the SMS layer from the list of layer options. Configure the settings on the right hand side; under Other Options.

Note: Major mobile carriers have announced that shared numbers and shared short codes will be blocked by March 1, 2021

With short codes, be sure to add a dash " -" before the last two digits. 234-42

image (5)

2. Additionally, you may want to add this user engagement rule in the advanced rules section, so it only shows the promotion to those who have never engaged via SMS click.  

image (6)