Shopify Auto Extras

We offer all accounts the ability to setup auto extras charges. If you select this option to be on, this helps add more traffic to the existing limit of the account. The charge and extra traffic varies with the account type you are currently under. This is very useful to ensure the account is not placed on paused when you need to continue running promotions. The traffic is treated as normal. When exceeded another auto charge will occur. This added traffic will not roll over to the next usage cycle.

Below is a screens shots of what occurs when you visit the upgrade page in Justuno and select a plan to continue to Shopify Billing.

auto extras


The above is tied to our first pro plan option. If you agree, you will see the next screen below within your Shopify store to fully accept the auto charges.

shopify billing

If you ever want to deactivate this, you must visit the Manage Plan section, under account settings and reselect your plan to be prompted with the option when continuing to Shopify.