SendInBlue Email Integration

  1. You will need to generate an API Key and API Secret to use with Justuno. Go to
    Scroll down to "Version 1.0"

  2. Click the eye shaped icon to view your API Secret.

  1. Copy the "Access Key" (API Key) and "Secret Key" (API Secret) for use in the next step.

  2. Log in and click "Promotions" and then select "Edit Integrations" next to the desired Promotion.

  1. On the "App Integration" tab, locate and click on the SendinBlue "Connect" button to launch the configuration options.
    a. Enter your API Key and API Password
    b. Select a SendinBlue list and click "Save.

  1. Your Justuno will now sync new signups to your selected SendinBlue list as they come in!