SendGrid Integration

Covers how to set up the SendGrid Integration via Justuno

At a glance:


Last updated 8/17/2022

Please Note: This email service provider does not offer SMS capture services. You cannot pass SMS numbers to your ESP with this integration and any existing SMS integration will be disconnected.


This article will help set up Sendgrid into the Justuno promotion, currently, this does not support additional SMS integrations such as SMSbump, Postscript, etc. This will only send emails to Sendgrid.


  1. Create a SendGrid Email Marketing list if you have not done so already.
create list


2. Once your promotion is created, edit the promotion by clicking the Options menu, and selecting Edit Design.

Options menu


3. On the right-hand side, select the green 'Change form' button. Search and select Sendgrid:

Screenshot 2021-08-17 115248


4. Enter your Sendgrid API Key and select 'Import API Key':

sendgrid API


5. Select the list(s) that you would like to sync the contacts to. 

6. Add any fields that you would like to appear on the form.

7. Make sure to save and publish and you should be all set!

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