Collect More Information With Oracle Responsys

Covers how to integrate Oracle Responsys to your Justuno promotion



1. While in the promotion management view, next to the desired promotion, click the Paintbrush icon to enter the Design Canvas.

Promotions page



2. While in the design canvas, select the email field. The Form Options menu appearing on the right-hand side has an option to Change Form, select that now.

Design canvas


3. Click Connect Provider, then click Connect ESP Provider. Then scroll down until the Responsys logo appears. Click the logo, then enter your User Name and Password. Finally, select your corresponding Responsys Server Stack.

Step one of integration page

Connect your esp provider



4. Enter your account credentials then select the Interact version corresponding to your login and hit Import Credentials.

Integration Setup Login


5. Click next to proceed to the Email lists. Select the list you would like to send the collected emails to.

Email list selection page

6.  Build a form. Here you can make fields required or hidden, change the field labels, as well as quickly implement additional fields into your form. When you're finished making edits, select Next.

 Form builder


7. Configure Settings. 

Form Settings page

8.  Review summary, click Create Form. 

summary of ESP form





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