Pardot Integration

Integrating Justuno with your Salesforce Pardot account will add all new contacts to your “Prospects” list in Pardot.

  1. Log In to Pardot and Navigate to Account > Settings by clicking on the gear icon at the the top right.

Copy your “API User Key”

  1. Log in to Justuno and click "Promotions" and then select "Edit Design" next to the desired Promotion. If you have a form field already, then highlight it and click “Edit Form” on the right. Click on the “Pardot” tile to launch the authentication window.
  1. Enter your Pardot credentials and paste your API User Key from Step 1 into the Pardot User Key field and click Submit.
  2. Follow through the process to select Lists and configure your Form Fields and then click “Create Form”. Please note: the Pardot API does not support fields with predefined options at this time.

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