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"Maybe Later" Button

If you desire a promotion to offer a "Maybe Later" option, where the click opens a smaller promotion as an Unobar, please follow the steps below.

  1. Create the first promotion and use a CTA layer to create the Maybe Later Button. Save this as we will be back to finish the connection.
CTA layer


  1. Create your Unobar promotion and save!
create unobar promotion


  1. Visit the first popup and click on the Maybe Later button. On the right you will have the ability to target the promotion you want to fire on click. Simply Keep it to "Same Window" and select the name of the Unobar promotion you created.
same window


  1. Now when you test the main promotion, the Maybe Later option will quickly fire out the Unobar. You can change the location of the Unobar under the Overlay Settings tab on the left.