Marketo Integration

Instructions for setting up the Marketo integration

                                Create API User Role

1. navigate to Admin > Security > Users and Roles

2. create a new Justuno API Role and assign ACCESS API permissions

3. Create a new Justuno User Account that will access this role and has API ONLY access.

4.  Create a Justuno Launchpoint Service and specify the API ONLY User that you created in 


                       Copy Client ID and Client Secret

5. After creating the Launchpoint service, click “View Details”

6. Copy the Client Id and Client Secret for later use.

                                     Locate REST Endpoint URL

7. navigate to Admin > Integration > Web Services and locate the highlighted portion of the Endpoint URL for later use.

                                 Configure Justuno Admin

8. Log into

9. Navigate to Promotions > selected promotion > Edit Promotion (i.e., Paintbrush icon).

10. Locate and click on the Marketo integration.

11. Enter your account details

Screencast 2019-08-02 12-42-10

12. Select a list.

13. Save and Publish.