Marketo Integration

  1. Step 1 - Create API User Role
  2. navigate to Admin > Security > Users and Roles
  3. create a new Justuno API Role and assign ACCESS API permissions

Step 2 - Create a new Justuno User Account that will access this role and has API ONLY access.

Step 3 - Create a Justuno Launchpoint Service and specify the API ONLY User that you created in Step 2.

Step 4 - Copy Client ID and Client Secret

  1. After creating the Launchpoint service, click “View Details”
  2. Copy the Client Id and Client Secret for later use.

Step 5 - Locate REST Endpoint URL
a. navigate to Admin > Integration > Web Services and locate the highlighted portion of the Endpoint URL for later use.

Step 6 - Configure Justuno Admin

  1. log in to
  2. navigate to Promotions > selected promotion > Edit Email Integrations
  3. locate and click on the “Marketo” integration
  4. enter in the details copied from Steps 4 and 5
  5. select a list
  6. save and publish