Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration

Covers how to set up the Marketing Cloud Integration via Justuno


Marketing Cloud is primarily used to maintain customer information and for sending emails and tracking customer activity. One could send emails from Salesforce through Marketing Cloud Connector, and then track the email information through Salesforce. Below are the instructions for integrating Marketing Cloud to your Justuno Promotion. 


Your Marketing Cloud User Account will need API Access permissions. Below are the steps to update the settings on the Marketing Cloud side. 

  1. Start by going to Email Studio > Email. Then select the Admin tab.
  2. Once on the Admin tab, select My Users.
  3. Check the desired user and then choose Manage Roles.
  4. You will reach a Roles and Permission area. Click Edit Roles.
  5. Check the Administrator and Marketing Cloud Administrator options & save.
  6. Visit my My Users and select the user in question. Ensure it has API access checked.


Data Extension.

If using a data extension, you will want to follow the steps below to ensure the data arrives into the data extension. 

In order to properly capture emails for your data extensions with Justuno, you will have to add a specific field. This will need to be done before you integrate the data extension with Justuno.

  1. From the overview page, hover over Email Studio (at top bar) > Click Email.
  2. Hover over the Subscribers tab > Click Data Extensions.
  3. Select your data extension by clicking on its name.
  4. On the right side, locate the Fields section > Click Edit Fields.

    5.  The email field should be named “EmailAddress”. The data type should be “EmailAddress” as well.
    6.  Click Save Fields and you are all set to begin linking up your Marketing Cloud Data Extension to a promotion.


  1. Integrating A Promotion With Marketing Cloud

    Log in to Justuno and click Promotions icon and then select Paintbrush icon, then Email Field, then Change Form (you can add a new email field if one does not exist from the Add Layers tab). For the rest, follow along to the video below:
Marketing Cloud integration


2. Once the integrations appear, locate and click on the Marketing Cloud button to launch the configuration options.
a. Enter your ExactTarget Marketing WSDL Endpoint (as shown in the User's profile within Marketing cloud), Username, and Password
b. Choose the marketing cloud list /data extension and click Save.

 Login view for Salesforce marketing cloud

3. Your Justuno will now sync new signups to your selected Marketing Cloud list as they come in.

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