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How to: Install Justuno on Magento 2


There are two primary installation routes dependent on how Magento 2 was originally installed on your server. If Magento 2 was installed using Composer then you may use the extension manager in the Web Setup Wizard, located in the admin settings panel under the System tab at the bottom. Otherwise installation of the extension will take place within the a terminal.

Step 1: Open terminal wizard and go to magento setup root directory

For example magento root directory is /var/www/html/magento


Step 2: Install composer if not installed using below commands:

curl -sS | php
mv composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer

Note:Skip step 2 if composer already installed



Step 3 & 4: Run this command to download the module:

run command
composer require justuno/social
  • Now It will ask for Username & Password:
  • To get username & password login to magento marketplace
  • Go to Marketplace tab and click on access key link under this tab


use keys
  • Use Public key as Username & Private key as a Password in terminal wizard
  • Copy & Paste both key respectively in terminal.
  • Now Module is downloaded.


In last step run below command to upgrade setup and install module


After successful upgrade command Module will display in listing as below:

bin/magento setup:upgrade
  • Login to the admin portal of the Magento 2 store.
  • Go to Stores->Configuration->JUSTUNO
go to configuration


  • This completes the terminal installation route



Web Setup Wizard Installation Route

  • Login to your Magento store admin portal
login to magento
  • Navigate to the Web Setup Wizard
click web setup wizard



Here you can manage components that are already installed using the component manager, or install new extensions via the extension manager.

sync account
  • Sync your Magento 2 marketplace account (using the Magento 2 public and private keys as shown in step 3 & 4 at the top of this guide) in the system config if not already done, this will link your Magento marketplace purchases to your store as installable extensions from the Extension Manager.
install justuno/social
  • Navigate to the extension manager once your Magento Marketplace account has been linked to your store, and select to install justuno/social from the list of available extensions.
install the extensions
  • Go through the steps to install the extension (also the same as enabling or disabling modules)
successfully installed
  • Once the extension has successfully installed, you may check the status of the actual module/s associated within the extension install using the module manager. The module can be disabled or enabled from this section of the Web Setup Wizard.
  • You may also uninstall the extension from the extension manager as indicated in the screenshot below.
configuration justuno
  • Login to the admin portal of the Magento 2 store.
  • Go to Stores->Configuration->JUSTUNO
save config
  • This completes the instructions for the Web Setup Wizard installation route!



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