Install Justuno on Wordpress

For most Wordpress users, you will have an app however if you do not have access to the app, you must manually insert our embed code.

                                              At a Glance

1. Install the Justuno App

2. Manuel Installation

                                    Install the Justuno App

1. Install and activate the Justuno app within from the Add Plugins area within WordPress


2. Once you have installed the app, navigate to the application settings



2a. Enter in your Justuno account information as well as your domain. If you do not have an account sign up first!



                                 Manual Installation


1. In some cases the plugin is not available, in this case, you can paste the Justuno embed code into the text box widget under appearance > widget > text.

2. Head to Justuno and access the embed code


2a. Copy the embed code



3. Activate the footer widget and then paste in the Justuno embed code inside the Text tab.



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