Install Justuno on Neto

Here is an easy walkthrough of the Justuno installation on Neto

At a glance: 
Video Walkthrough

Last updated: 006/01/2022

Either watch the video below or follow the instructions

Step 1: From your Neto dashboard find the settings wheel in the right hand corner and then find the Add-on store section within the drop down menu

click Add On Store

Step 2: Once your in the app store find the marketing section and then find Justuno and hit install

find Justuno

Step 3: Then head to and sign up for a risk free 14 day trial. Once you are on your Justuno dashboard find the settings section on the right-hand side. In your settings section you find a tab called embed. Copy the embed code and head back to your Neto dashboard.


Step 4: In your Neto dashboard place the embed code on the footer section of the widget

paste in footer

Step 5: Go back to your Justuno dashboard and copy the conversion code (the one under the embed code). Then head back to your Neto dashboard and paste the conversion code into the purchase confirmation section of the widget. Hit install and you're set!