iContact Pro Integration


This document covers the steps needed to configure the iContact Pro Design Canvas Integration


Justuno Account
iContact Pro Account


Application Credentials

  1. Log in to your iContact Pro account and navigate to Settings > API

  1. Create a new Application named "Justuno" and make a note of the Password you selected for use in a later step.

  1. Copy the Application ID for use in a later step.

Log in to Justuno

Navigate to Justuno.com and log in using your account credentials.

Edit Promotion Design

  1. Click the Promotions tab at top
  2. Click “Edit Design” next to the desired Promotion

  1. ADD/EDIT Email Form
    1. To ADD a new email form, select “Email Form” under the “Add Layer” option on the left side and drag it onto the Promotion Canvas.

    1. Click the “iContact Pro” tile to authenticate.

iContact Pro Authentication

When prompted, enter your iContact Pro Login Username, your Application ID, and Password from the first step in this document.

Click "Import App Credentials" and you will move on to select a Mailing List.

iContact Pro Mailing List Selection

  1. Once authenticated, you will see your current iContact Pro Mailing Lists appear. Select one list you would like contacts to be added to or create a new one. The new one will be added to your iContact Pro account and will be available for immediate selection.

iContact Pro Field Definition

We return a common set of Hubspot properties for you to use within the form. You can set additional options for each field, such as Required or Hidden properties.

If you would like to use your iContactPro Custom Fields, then click "Load Additional Fields" to use any current ones. Add a new one simply by entering the Field Name and selecting "Add Field".

Create Form

  1. Once you have finalized the fields to use, click “Create Form” then arrange the fields are your promotion as desired.

Preview and Publish Your Changes

Once you have arranged all fields, be sure to SAVE and then Preview or Publish your Promotion.