How to setup a quiz/questionnaire in Justuno

Quizzes are a great way increase sales and build you email list as well as keeping visitors engaged and interested. See how to setup your quiz/questionnaire on Justuno!

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Why setup a quiz

Video tutorial

Last updated 9/22/2021

Why setup a quiz/questionnaire?

There are a few benefits to adding a quiz to your site that differ from a traditional popup. They can feel more engaging to the customer and this is a great way to get more information about what the customer is wanting to get feedback for future products or promotions. It can also provide onsite personalization and segmentation options while also helping build your email list.

Justuno can create a quiz through the form builder so this can be customized with radio buttons, multiple choice options, a section for a free response as well as all of the features that the design canvas offers to have this match your own brand. 

Video Tutorial