How to set up an exit offer on your cart page

You've created your first promotion already, and want to know how to make a exit offer on your cart page now! Follow the steps below to take Justuno to the next level! A cart exit offer will not work on mobile using this method, you can use a delay/idle on cart instead!


Step 1: From your promotions page, hit new promotion and enter a name for your custom promotion

click new promotion

Step 3: Click get started

Step 4: Select which device you want the promotion to be seen on, either desktop & tablet or mobile

Step 5: Select how you would like your exit offer displayed

Choose promotion display

Step 6: Select Website Messaging. For exit offers on the cart page we usually recommend using a unlocked offer with a higher offer than your other promotions. This is designed to capture a users attention when they are about the leave the cart page to either look for a better deal or get a discount code! If you still want to collect an email for this promotion click Lead Capture instead!
PLEASE NOTE: Right now exit offers on mobile are only on a landing page leading to another website, there are no cart exit offers on mobile.

choose promotion goal

Step 7: Choose a template either a blank template or a prebuilt. As mentioned we recommend offering something special here. Not the same discount you have set up for other promotions!

Step 8: Click select theme and head to the rules section!

Step 9: Here is where you control how and when your promotion is shown. For this example we can use a basic rule. Hit Cart Abandoners. You can adjust and add more specifics on rules later.

click cart abandonment

Step 10: Here is what the rule should look like for an exit offer on the cart page only for a customer who has not engaged with any promotion ever (here is an article on what counts as an engagement). PLEASE NOTE: all cart URLS are different if your cart page does not have the word cart in it please replace the word cart in the rule with whichever word distinguishes your cart page for example basket or cartpage!

show on cart page

Step 11: If you want to add in an exit offer for the checkout page as well here is what the rule would look like:

select pages for offer

Step 12: Did you follow these steps and the promotion still isn't firing? Please make sure you use this article to test the promotions correctly before submitting a ticket!


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