How to Schedule a Pop-Up

Scheduling pop-ups will allow you to set up multiple promotions for different seasons in bulk.

At a Glance

1. Edit Design

2. Basic Settings

3. Publish  

    Please remember all times are set in PST.


1. On the promotions page, click edit design (i.e., the paintbrush icon).



2. Under basic settings, you'll find start and end times, adjust the date and times accordingly.



3. Hit publish and the promotion will start and stop based on those dates and times. If your promotion is set to go live in the future, you'll see "Upcoming" instead of "Live" on the promotion dashboard for that promotion.



4. Once you hit publish you will need to choose to activate the promotion so it will go live at the scheduled time. 

Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 8.19.32 AM