How to Preview/Share Your Justuno Promotion Design

Overview of Features for Justuno's Preview Mode:

- Email link of preview to fellow employees

- Message employees in the Justuno Preview with notes

- Change preview from desktop to tablet or different mobile sizes

How to Email a preview link to Employees or Designers

Step 1: Head to your design canvas from the promotions area

Step 2: Once in the design canvas head to the preview mode

Step 3: In the preview mode, find the green icon in the right hand corner and enter in the email you would like to share this preview with

Step 4: Once the design has been shared, your team can message each other IN the preview to discuss changes!

How to change between Mobile and Desktop/ Mobile sizes in the Preview

Step 1: Head to the preview mode by following the steps listed above

Step 2: In the left hand corner, depending if you are in a desktop/tablet or mobile promotion, you will find the options to preview the design in different sizes