How to Integrate Telium

Follow these steps to Install Justuno on Tealium



The Tealium integration contains both Justuno embed code snippets for Tracking and Conversion. To utilize Conversion tracking, be sure you have configured an E-commerce Extension. The Conversion script will automatically fire once an Order ID is created.


Setup Outline

  1. Add the tag and fill out the Account ID field (ju_num)
  2. Setup the E-Commerce Extension to let Tealium know which data layer elements contain order id and subtotal (you may have done this already)
  3. Set the Tag to load on All Pages (default load rule). For Conversion, be sure to include your Thank You page.
  4. Publish and test


E-commerce Extension

Justuno supports the eCommerce extension parameters "Order ID" (_corder) and "Sub Total"(_csubtotal).

Step 1: How to activate:

Extensions > Advanced > Ecommerce ( )

Step 2: Add in Order Values > ( )

Step 1: From your Tealium dashboard head to the tag marketplace section and search for Justuno

search justuno in tag marketplace

Step 2: Go to your Justuno account and within the settings section copy your Justuno ID number, only the section that is within the green box below

copy Justuno ID

Step 3: Place your Justuno ID number within the vendor configuration account id area

past Justuno ID

Step 4: Hit apply and you're all set!

click apply