How to Duplicate a Promotion

How to duplicate an already created promotion to mobile or desktop version

PLEASE NOTE: you will need to make small design adjustments to fit the mobile screen however all other aspects will copy over. To create a mobile promotion from scratch, head here for set up.


1. Find the duplicate button under your actions for the specific promotion you would like:

Screencast 2019-08-05 12-19-43

2. You will then see a prompt asking which style promotion you would like to change it to and if its for mobile or desktop. And the modal will ask for a type of promotionRemember: Exit offers do NOT work on mobile since there is no cursor to track.




PRO TIPS: Please note that if you are duplicating a desktop exit offer you will need to update the rules to apply for a mobile exit offer (there is no cursor to track movement on a mobile device).

The video below will display the options you have when wanting to move a layer from one screen to the next. The example shows the copying of a layer in the Post screen to Pre Engagement screens.