How to create a tiered offer using Justuno

A great way to increase your average cart value is creating a tiered offer. Tiered offers create a heightened level of engagement by introducing a “gamification” feel to the visitor. Once they unlock one, they have an incentive to then unlock the next.

For Shopify customers, this set up is a lot easier since we already can track cart value through the app. PLEASE NOTE: If you installed the application before 8/15/2017 you will need to reinstall the application to ensure that the latest update is live on your website!

For non-Shopify customers, please use this article to set up the custom code needed to track cart value across the entire website.


Step 1: Create a unobar unlocked offer.

Step 2: In the design, make sure you add $100. You can replace the numeric value to whatever number is being counted down for the first tier of promotions. In the example below the first tier is asking a customer to spend $100 to unlock their first code

add cart total code


Step 3: Once you are happy with the design, head to the rules and add in a new rule, advanced rule. Since our example is set to show a coupon code when the customer hits a $100 in their cart, we want to add in a cart value session rule and place 100 in the rule.

edit advanced rules


Step 4: Now create a new unlocked unobar, this bar will show after a customer hits more than 100 and reveal the coupon code!

Step 5: In the design add in another value to entice a customer to spend more, for this example we will set it to $200. Here is an example of what we created, this shows the coupon code they unlocked and entices them to spend more to unlock the next level of discount:

create new unobar


Step 6: Next, head to the rules. Here you want to create an advanced rule that will only show the unobar if the cart value is greater than 100 and less that 200. Using the cart value rules, you can set that up like so:

create advanced rule


Step 7: Now create another unlocked unobar that will show when the customer hits $200 in the cart and reveals the 15% off code. Here is an example of what we did:

create another unobar


Step 8: In this example this is the last tier, so in an advanced rule we told the promotion to show if the cart value is over $200. If you want to create more tiers follow steps 2-6 as many times as you'd like!

configure advanced rules